-Pastor Adeboye at RCCG April 2020 Holy Ghost Service : Let There Be Light 4

I told you during the Holy Communion Service that this Holy Ghost Service will be a special one.

There is a law called the “law of priority” and the easiest way to explain that graphically, is that whatever is uppermost in your heart is what you speak Mattew 12:24.

Suppose a man had been lost for some days in a desert out of water and food and after sometime he is found before he died of thirst, if you ask him what happen, how when did it happen? You will get only one answer from him: water, water. Because at that time, water is his pirority.

The first time God spoke, it is “Let There Be Light”.

Three situations you could call “God’s first time occurence” divine pirorities.

First Case:
Genesis 1:28 the first time God spoke to man, he said:

Be blessed. When God blesses a man, nobody can curse him. The story of Balak and Belam. When Balak sent Belam to curse the children of Isreal and so on, Belam said how can l curse him that God has not cursed. I am saying to my children in the might name of Jesus Christ Be Blessed.

Be fruitful: be fruitful not barren that’s why he said in his word there shall be none barren among them, because he has decreed it from the very first messgae he gave to man. All of you who has any reason whatsoever have been experiencing ome delay or the other, In the name that is above every othere name Be Fruitful.

Multiply: not decrease, he didn’t even say be added unto, he said multiply. Multiply means if you start off as one, that one becomes two and so on. Whatever you may be right now, in the name that is above every other name begin to Multiply.

Be dominant: have dominion means be the head and not the tail, be the lender not the borrower. I am saying to my children whatever may be your career, you will reach the top. You will prosper, you will have more than sufficient and whatever you are owing now, God will help you pay and you will not have to borrow again in Jesus name.

Second Case:
The first time God introduced himself by name: Genesis 17:1. Here he said to Abraham “I Am The Lord God Almighty”, before then, he had been talking to Abraham, to people in Genesis 15:1, he spoke to Abram.What I am is not the same as who I am.

In Genesis 17: 1 he said I am the Almighty God. When we look at the name Almighty, we find several important things:

The Almighty means he has all might, all the power, Psalm 62:11, Luke 1: 37. On the basis of the name of Jesus, I hereby decree everything in your life that seems impossible becomes possible.

The Almighty God also means the all sufficient one, meaning he is not just self sufficient but also all sufficient meaning he can help you in all situations not only for himself but for all us. In Psalm 68:19 the Bible tells us that he loads us with blessing.

For everyone listening to me today, the loads of blessing God has for you will be released tonight in Jesus name.

Jehovah El-Shaddai means the one who is more than enough Psalm 23:5. The first time I read that verse, I asked when the cup was full why did you not stop, why the wastage of the oil he said because it is to show that there is more. Whatever blessings from the Lord, receive extra tonight in Jesus name.

The Bible tells us that Jehovah El-Shaddai actually means the Mother’s breast. The implication of that is that In the breast of the mother, there is enough milk for as many as may as may want to drink. John 7:37-39, Ephesians 3:20.

Third Case:
Genesis 18:1-14, the first time God ate man’s food. When Abraham invited God to come in and rest, he agreed. (Psalm 50:9-13, Judges 6:17-21). I pray that God will come to your house to eat tonight.

On the occasion of the Lord eating in Abraham’s tent, several things happen:

1) All the prophecies that he had given Abraham before that date came to pass in a day. Numbers 23:19, Ecclesiastes 3:1, Psalm 115:3.

The day He ate in Abraham’s house, the issue of waiting for the promises to be fulfiled was put aside, he fulfilled all the prophecies that day. On that special occasion, every prophecy became a decree.

All the prophecies you have received will become a decree. The difference between a prophecy and a decree is in Psalm 33:8-9, 2 Kings 4:8-17. I decree today that everything you need to make your joy full, you will receive it tonight.

The day He ate in Abraham’s house, he brought what is yet to come to now. John 2:1-11 Jesus was there, he ate and when the mother came and told him there was no wine and he said not yet and before an hour, not yet became now. I am praying for someone, before the sun rises, everything that is not yet in your life becomes now.

How Mighty is this Almighty?
— Mattew 3:9, He can bring children out of stones.
— He can practically reverse the irreversible Romans 4:16-19
— John 11:39-45 He can raise the dead.

For those of you today, that the doctor says something can not be reversed, In the name that is above every other name, that irreversible in your life becomes reversible today in Jesus name.

The day he ate at Abraham’s tent, he had an opportunity to start a chain of laughter. Laughter that started as a joke and ended as a testimony.

In Genesis 18:12, the Bible said Sarah laughed. Genesis 21:1-6 the child Sarah thought will never be born was named laughter. Psalm 126: 1-3. In the Name that is above every other name, your mouth will be filled with laughter.

Psalm 2:1-5 God laughs. My first year as General Overseer, I go round to supervise Sunday School classes and I love children and each time l see a child, l will smile and laugh, when I return to my office my conscience will prick me, don’t you realize you are now the General Overseer, you suppose to be sober. Then the Lord told me I laugh too. I declare in the Name that is above every other name, from now on in your home there will always be laughter.

Conclusion, this God is unchangeable, he is the same yesterday, today and forever. His initial wish concerning you is that you be blessed. His initial name as far as you are concerned is that he is Jehovah El- Shaddai, the God who is more than enough. As he did for Abraham that he ate in his tent, he is willing to eat with you if you allow him.

In Ezekiel 18:4 says the soul that sins shall die He hasn’t changed, but He has sent Jesus Christ to die on the cross. He has made a provision for you to escape from the death your sin could bring. Romans 6:8. You have a choice to either death as a result of your sins or eternal life through Jesus Christ. If you will surrender your life to Jesus Christ tonight, you will live not only physically but eternally.

Incase you don’t know how Mighty God is, you have seen Him in action in these past days. Who could ever believe that on a week day, Third Mainland Bridge will be almost empty? He is the Almighty.

I am appealing to you today, let Him be your friend.

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