The Secrets of Securing Favour From God And People.

Bible reading: - Genesis: 39:10-23

What is Favour?
Psalm: 102:13

(i) Favour is what separates somebody from others for special blessings or good things*. Genesis: 6:8

(ii)  Favour is what makes somebody to develop special interest in you and in what you do. Genesis: 39:6

(¡¡¡)Favour is an act of kindness beyond what is due or unusual. Everyone needs favour.

What is the Secret of securing favour?

(i) can favour be secured through prayer and fasting?

(II ) can favour be secured  through sowing of seed?

(III) does   Favour meant for some special person or special tribes or special nations?

So What are the secrets of securing favour from God and people? The answers are packed in the word of God.

let look at the book of Romans: 9:14-15. The following can be understood from the bible verses;

(1) vs 14 says " is there unrighteousness with God? God forbid".
It means God is ever faithful; God does not change (Numbers 23 vs 19). Acts 10 vs 34. Peter said “God is no respecter of person” some translation says God plays no favorites but If you can do what some people do to receive favour, and  apply it He will surely favour you . Act 10:34

Note: Begin a Christian doesn't qualify you for favour, unless you follow the principles and the ways to receive favour*. Act: 10:34-37

(2) God has a rules and principles/ Criteria to receive favour

(3) Favour of God is available for those that are ready to meet the criteria of receiving favour from God.

Let us look at life of people that secured God’s favor in the scriptures:-*


Genesis: 39:21

How did he secure favour from God?

(a) He had a personal relationship with God (Gen 39 Vs 2,21)
He fellowships with God
He knows the mind of God

(b) Joseph always put is best in all he did: Genesis: 39:3, Proverb:22:29, Proverb:10:4

Note: If you want to qualify for favour in anything you do, always be the best in whatever you do.

(c) Joseph have a good attitude towards people:
He have a good relationship with people around him.

(d) He did not seek for instant gratification. Joseph wait and have patients in the house of his    master.

(e) He was never afraid of taking new challenges. He always embraced challenges as way forward.

(f) He does not depend alone on talents. He was a hardworker. He organized the collection, storage and distribution of foods for the whole country for over 14 years. This is more than interpreting dreams. It requires skills of leadership and management of people and resources which  Joseph exhibited these skills during his reign in the land of Egypt. He acquired skills apart from talent.


Lord gives me the grace to develop personal relationship with you that will qualify me for your favour.

From the Pastor desk,
Pastor Seyi Olayinka,
Remain Blessed.


Olayinka Abraham Oluseyi is a Pastor at Living Water Embassy  and head Retail Marketing at first bank of nigeria plc.

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