It has been discovered that devil is using different cunning ways to deceive people into the kingdom of darkness even the so called Christians of our time perhaps become the victim.

Considering the fact that every marketer is obligated to derive certain target of every product that is sold, however, the same applicable to devil. He possesses every professionalism features of marketing.

No one is as smart and focus as he is. He is always determine and craftily ambitious in expanding his kingdom and that is why devil can patiently wait for decades and yet determine to destroy a target life. Name anything you call yourself, either you`re a guru or an extra-ordinary guru in marketing.

Frankly speaking, devil outsmarts it all. No one ever claim to outsmart him (devil) considering carnal wisdom. Don’t glorify because you`re a spiritual leader occupying notable titled but be vigilant and watchful because devil is seeking for loopholes so that he would own you. 


Professionally, there are three hallmarks that interest everybody to go a product, and if it elude from a product, 80% certainty that such product won`t be lucrative. This is what devil discovered and practically included it to what he markets. In a nutshell, before devil would market ungodly act, he would adequately furnish it with PACKAGING; LABELLING; and BRANDING.

There is nothing that he does without the three aforementioned. Devil does not only deceived ADAM & EVE, but apparently he used the tactics of marketing by telling them the side attraction of the forbidden fruits. And as the result, they easily fall into his trap. On the other hand, Samson has been defecting many external battles but Delilah (devil) patiently waits and thus, he was sexually captivated and his life span was shortened. In conclusion, first thing that everyone has to understand is that devil is capable of nourishing, patiently and enduring for the right time to attack. Dear Brethren, emulate the admonition of the below scriptural quotation. 1Peter 5:8 says “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.”

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