A transactional message oppose to a transformational message will produce two very different outcomes, the bible says you reap what you sow. If we could put two churches side by side, one that preached a transactional message, that is the kind of message where you hear “today if you bring a first fruit offering or prophets offering or sow a dangerous seed to receive uncommon favour,” or do this for God and he will do that for you. Messages like this are not only wrong, they promote self-aggrandizement and are extremely transverse to the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

If you go to a church like this it will be hard to find mature sons of God, who have found their purpose and calling, who seek to do the will of God on the earth.

You will find in churches where the spotlight is directed towards self, the kind of people that will be raised will not become God carriers who reflect the living word, or kingdom imposers who impose the kingdom of God in their sphere of life. They will be those who go to church for what they can get, it is in a sense promoting paganism, that is when one appeases God with I’ll do this, then God will do that for me.

A transformational gospel will cause you to become less, and God to become more, we need to empty ourselves of self sitting on the throne and make the Lordship of Jesus Christ to be rightfully enthroned in our hearts.

It’s all about him, and not about us, if you go to a church where they help you to discover your purpose and calling, so much so, that you won’t be dependent on the church, as you are not meant to be sitting there week after week as an ineffective vessel for the Lord.

If you are hearing the right message your life will be transformed, you won’t be thinking about this or that miracle, you mind will be centred on bringing the purpose, will, and plan, of God to the earth, and how you can promote the values and principles of the kingdom of heaven, to make heaven shine on this earth.

You won’t have your eyes on self, and what you can get from God, your mind will be thinking about strategies, the ways, and means, to see a great advancement of his name on the earth.

It’s not about us, it’s all about him, it’s so important to listen to the right message, because why listen to an ineffective gospel, when you can have the real one. The way you can tell if it’s the right gospel, is it centred on God over and above what you can get from God?

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The message should transform you to become like him, so that you can truly affect your world with the love of God, and bring a message of reconciliation to the world.

You may be so used to hearing a transactional message, that you haven’t even realized its going against the word of God. It will never change you to become the person you have been created to be.

Listen intently to the gospel that’s coming out from your pulpit, is it promoting self? Or, is it leading you into the knowledge of life? When the right gospel is preached its like you come alive you just want to keep listening over and over again. It’s not until you hear the real one, that you can recognise the difference and be transformed inside.

What kind of message is coming to your ear? Is your life being transformed? Are you consumed with God’s will and purpose for the earth? If your life is not producing tangible fruit and you just go to church week after week with no changes being made to your life you must question the message you’re listening to. The right gospel will change your life, you won’t be even thinking about your needs. When the absolutism of the truth is preached even the most messed up life can be changed. Don’t waste your life on this earth listening to the wrong message, if your life is not being transformed question, analyse, weather you are listening to the right gospel that has great power to transform your life.

Written by Rochelle White

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