Christianity has an unconditional ‘welcome’ above its doors for the storm tossed, the broken in spirit, and the inadequate. It is the arm of God’s love thrown around those who have given up on themselves, or been given up by the world, and have not got what it takes.

If you would believe you would see the glory of God (John 11:40). Christ can make us – we who otherwise would never make it.

In the Gospels, we see Him coming open-faced and open‑armed. To Him, there were no nobodies, nor riffraff, no social rejects. He came for lost sheep.

To women, who were treated as subspecies in some eastern countries, even as they are now, Christ gave honor.

Jesus said, “I always do those things that please Him [the Father]” (John 8:29). What had He seen the Father do?

He had seen Him stoop over the wretched tribes in Egypt.

Those Israelite‑nobodies, expendables, God picked up and made them great. Jesus did the same. He chose fishermen, not princes, to be His ambassadors. The Gospels again and again show Him meeting the unwanted, and giving them a place. His outreach to the discarded is a moving part of the Gospel story. Jesus is with the ‘lost’ and the ‘last.’ The lost He finds, and to the last he says, “The last will be first” (Matthew 20:16). God bless you and greetings from Lima/Peru, where I am ministering at a big conference.

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