Once again, let’s see another vital lessons of life that can be gleaned from their actions and how fundamental they are to our living.

Let’s start with the passage again; Mark 2: 3,

“Then they came, bringing a paralytic to Him, who had been picked up and was being carried by four men.”

I began to think that the caring attitude and identification of those four guys with their helpless friend may be the reason why he’s still survivng.

Most times, people don’t necessarily die as a result of what they are passing through but because they feel dejected, isolated and uncared for.

In our helpless states, the presence of godly friends with caring attitudes has a long way to go in sustaining our dampening spirit.

That positive word. The encouraging words as well as scriptural verses that strengthens can be the only anchor for the soul.

For these men, they don’t just throw sympathy across the board but also shows cares. They act their love.

Such are friends we need to live happily! Are you that one friend that others can live on to survive in their challenging moments.The second part of this lesson is centered on how his friends got to hear about Jesus.

In life, you need friends who are armed with vital information that can influence your life and take you from where you are to where you ought to be.

They heard about Jesus. That is information and ready to go.

Any relationship that offers no pragmatic information to your life pursuit is hardly a fruitful one.

You need a relationship that is not stingy with information. It should be their joy to share whatever they’ve learnt with you.

Such a relationship will leave an impact and resourceful memory than eat- and- go relationship.

Lazy friends who are going no where will hardly have any vital information for your advancements.

Even in this 21st century some of them are backward in terms of information.

If all he or she knows is the price of the Gucci bag and Gucci wristwatch, that is not a propelling information!

Be careful about what dominates the information your friends are sharing with you, it will help to judge who they are. And it will tell more about who you will become.

Tell me the quality of information your friends share with you, and I will tell you how far you’ll go in life.

This century thrives on information. Without it, you will just be wasting away while others are making impacts here and there.

So, check your friendship cycle and see if they are just occupying a space or setting the pace!


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