1. A recent Gallop survey indicated that among professionals, the clergy was listed second only to Pharmacists in their honesty and ethical standards.

2. Gary Macintosh, a renowned expert on Pastoral compensation says clergy continues to be one of the most under paid professions in the world.

3. Clergy ranked seventh among the ten worst paying jobs requiring degrees. The clergy comprises several degree holders earning the salaries of school certificate holders in most denominations and churches..

4. In a more recent survey carried out among Pastors in Lagos, Oyo, Ogun, Ondo state in Southwest Nigeria by  our research team,  90% of pastors’ major problem after their marriages, was extremely low level of income. This is enough discouragement for the aspiring pastors and ministers

5. Some denominations in Nigeria still pay their pastors and Ministers $17 (N2,5,00) as monthly salary. This is below the National minimum wage of N30,000  in Nigeria as at 2019. Pastor’s income is yet to catch up with National wages realities of  year 2000

6. Majority of Pastors can be said to be living between moderate and extreme poverty.

What is moderate and extreme poverty?

World Bank defined extreme poverty as living on less than equivalent of one US Dollar per day ($30 per month).Moderate poverty is living on less than two US Dollars per day ($60 monthly).

7.From my interactions and empirical research among pastors, as recent as 2019, twenty factors account for the level of pervasive, endemic poverty among servants of God.

8. That was the case even before COVID-19 became pandemic. Flashes of wealth among the clergy are occasional and exception to the rule. Making conclusion from Du Point Global Research; *One percent of clergy in every Nation can be said to be extremely wealthy in financially terms. *Five percent are financially independent by age 65.

9. At least 54 percent of pastors will be extremely broke at age 65. These men of God will depend on children, churches and society to survive Not many churches cater for their retired pastors adequately.

10. There are profound Secrets that have become the habits of the few financially successful pastors. These habits remain hidden secrets to the over 54 percent of poor pastors

11. Should a pastor be rich? How rich should a man of God be? How are true riches to be measured? Does having money make a Pastor rich? We uncovered seven levels and manifestations of wealth to be found in a truly financially healthy Pastor.

12.Financial wealth is on the sixth scale ‘of wealth. It is our conclusion that durable wealth comes from biblical balanced living.

13. The Global financial economic melt down has caused several National economies in the world to shrink. It has started to impact on the income of churches. COVID-19 has shattered global economies, without exception. It has brought up a new normal

14. Salaried jobs are the first casualties. 95 percent of typical church members are salary earners. Tithes and other forms of giving will be affected.

15. This has snowballing effect on pastors salaries. Wages increment and promotion are clearly out of discussion for the next three to five years in most Church Board meetings.

16. This calls for a rethink as to the sources and streams of income available to an average pastor. A pastor needs to look out for multiple streams of income in his ministry, as salaries shrink, and melt.

17. I presented what God has taught me practically in creating multiple streams of income in life and ministry,, while focusing fully on my divine assignment.

18. In depth studies from my published books on Money, Ministers and Ministry: Jesus School of Money; and Personal Financial FREEDOM, revealed that 85 percent of churches in most countries of the world are under 80 members in attendance.

19. The salary of a pastor is a function of the capacity and financial ability of the church. This is why 80 percent of full time pastors live below poverty line (Below $60). In fact, our research showed that 80 percent of pastors’ wives are unhappy, disgruntled and sad, resulting from the

financial state of their husbands. More than 90 percent of Pastors’ wives work outside the church. 20. Pastors cannot discuss their financial problems with church members or leaders.

There is no pastoral union to bargain and negotiate pastors salaries.

21. Pastors salaries are fixed arbitrarily in most denominations, with little or no regard for experience, training or qualifications.

 Several pastors that I know go on for years without raises “or promotion.

22. It takes a financially healthy pastor to raise a financially healthy congregation. The opposite is equally true. It takes a poor pastor to raise a poor congregation.

23. The difference is in what the pastors know, teach and do in their churches. Healthy  pastors impart wealthy mindset to their members. They relate to their congregation from abundance mentally.

24. A retired senior pastor told his audience recently that he never taught on the subject of money in his over 40 years in ministry.

Why? It was considered a taboo to devote godly time to treat “filthy lucre” No disciple can be above his master. No church can go above her pastor’s mindset!

25. Dr. Kenneth’s E. Hagin, once remarked that 80 percent of what is taught in Theological Seminaries and Bible Colleges are not useful. The “useful” twenty percent that is taught in pastors schools do not contain the subject of personal financial freedom in ministry.

26. Any training on personal financial success in ministry is accidental. 95 percent of ministers do not have adequate financial education.

27. Our interaction and findings show that 70 percent of pastors do not have any form of savings. Most pastors consider any form of financial education as being too secular and not for servants of God. A senior pastor said recently “I don’t patronize shares. I don’t want to keep my money for the anti-Christ”.

28. This is why our NEW ONCOMING online training workshop is packaged  ‘to increase the financial intelligence of pastors.

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