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One of the great mistakes of the social media age is obsessing over metrics at the expense of ideas.

On a contrary, it is apparently that everyone is concerned about the number of followers rather than the contents of the post. Consequently, it can be displeasing whenever you hear someone measuring the impact of a post judging from the compliment of people.

No doubt, there are many social media platforms that analyzed and communicate our thought on topical issues (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Posting series of messages and update on social media platform isn’t bad. But purposely our motive behind every post really matters. However, it can be destructive and leads to self-gratification for anyone that measures the valuable of a message by numbers rather than impact.

Many people believe that “Numbers are impact”. It is more likely to rejoice over the crowd that attend crusade rather than saved souls. Let me explain: I’m noticing the situation with many churches, ministries and non-profit communications teams who constantly remind the pastor or leader about the organization’s social media metrics. With great enthusiasm, they do their best to impress leadership with followers, engagements and other positive stats. That’s nice, and don’t get me wrong—we do want people interacting and engaging with your posts.

However, I’d also like to see more communications teams sweating the message. Yes, it’s the pastor or leader’s job to come up with the message, and the communication team’s job to share and measure it.

However, don’t get so caught up with tracking that you start ignoring other important issues of creativity and excellence. As we’ve seen so many times, when it comes to metrics, gaming the system is pretty easy.

There are plenty ways to jack up the numbers, order more of the pastor’s books, buy followers, or otherwise make the social media numbers look great. But my question is simple: What are we saying? What is the message we’re sharing? What’s the quality of that message? What’s the level of the writing, the creativity or the thinking behind it? Has the fact that someone clicked on your Scripture post actually changed their life? I would far rather have a small group of enthusiastic social media followers than a massive group of followers who don’t really care. Find your voice. Deliver compelling messages. Create posts that people can’t forget. Focus less on hitting metrics, and more on changing people’s lives.


Pastor  Oladosu K. P. is the one  Pastoring CGAC(Power & Praise),the founder of Messanic Kingdom of Christ, Passionate about Christ Jesus also the CEO of MinistryExploit.com

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