1.​Be serious, grave and dignified. Avoid lightness, jesting and foolish talking.

2.​Avoid all affectation and pretence. A preacher is the servant of all and an example to all. Be ashamed of nothing but sin. Let your whole deportment be serious and weighty.

3.​Be punctual. Do everything exactly on time. Never disappoint a congregation. Begin at the time appointed.

4.​Your business is to save souls. Therefore, spend and be spent in this work. Always be ready to go to those who need you.

5.​It is your duty not only to preach, but to think of those over whom the Holy Ghost has given you charge. Bring all the sinners to repentance that you can, and lead them into holiness and the baptism in the Holy Ghost. You will need all the grace, wisdom and strength you can receive from God to do this.

6.​Act in all things as a son in the Gospel and not according to your own will. Spend all the time you can in reading, studying and praying.

7.​Choose the plainest text you can. Take care not to ramble. Stick to your subject. Do not allow your gesture to become awkward. Don’t thrash around too much. Don’t speak too loudly or too softly, but plainly and distinctly.

8.​Do not show partiality to any special group, class or individual in the congregation. Minister to the needs of all as you are led by the Spirit of God.

9.​“Pray for them which despitefully use you.” – Matt. 5:44. If you do this you have the assurance that your most bitter opponent can do no more than inconvenience you or cause you some material discomfort or loss. They may kill the body but they cannot injure the soul.

10.​Work to bring the Saints into the place where they will fear God and not the Church. Exhort people to live to God and not to man, seeking to have God’s own Standard set up in their hearts, rather than the standard of man.

“The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” – William Faulkner


i.​Your mind, like the eagle with its mighty wings, is capable of soaring to great heights.

ii.​Conquer thyself. Till thou hast done this, thou art but a slave. For it is almost as well to be subjected to another’s appetite as to thine own.

iii.​You can build a stairway to anything in life that you desire.

iv.​There is something wrong when the children of the King of Kings go about like sheep hounded by a pack of wolves. There is something wrong when those who have inherited infinite supply are worrying about their daily bread. There is something wrong when people are so worried and absorbed in making a living that they cannot make a life.

v.​Faith is never passive, it must be active. It is not simply theoretical acquiescence; it is positive co-operation. It is not asking, it is believing that we have that for which we ask, and living as if we had already receive. It involves the launching of conscience and heart and will in the direction of the object of one’s faith.

vi.​Fear, doubt, and worry, disorganize and paralyze the delicate machinery of the nervous organism and as a result it’s various activities and unquestioned faith in the Great Creator, the providing and sustaining power.

vii.​When the goal-post is down the game is over, so it is in the game of life.

viii.​The RUNG of a ladder was never meant to rest upon but only to hold a man’s foot long enough to enable him to put the other somewhat higher.

ix.​The world will stand aside for a man to pass who has a goal and knows his way.

x.​Keep on top of your sorrows. Never parade your disappointments. Don’t complain about your work. Never grumble about being over-worked. Forget injustices. Accept criticism kindly. Accept complaints kindly, also but never expect them.

xi.​If God called you to preach, do not stoop to be a king.

xii.​Insincerity is intolerable in a minister, unselfishness is required.

xiii.​The world looks at ministers out of the pulpit to see what they mean when they are in it.

xiv.​“Preach the Word”, for you are under orders. “Do the work of an evangelist”. Know the Bible. Commit much Scriptures to memory. Know your Biblical doctrines and preach them.
COMPILED by Francis Akin-john

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