Workers/Ministers conference -THE ANOINTING| Pst. E.A. Adeboye

*17th April, 2020*
*Workers/Ministers’ conference*
*Mark 16 vs 15-20*

This is the power/ability released from God to man to perform miracle, signs and wonders. It flows like a river (i.e. from the top to the bottom). Jer. 32vs 27
It flows from God the father to God the son, luke 4vs 16-21 Isaiah 61 vs 1-3 Isaiah 9vs 6, the son is calles wonderful cos he received anointing from his father who can do anything including healing all Matt.8 vs 16 John 11vs 39-45

The anointing flows From God the son to His representative/disciples Mark 3vs 13-15 He automatically gave them power and asked the anointing to flow on Matt. 10vs 40 John 14vs 12

The anointing will flow From the disciples to believers Mark 16vs 17-18 Mark 9vs 23 when the anointing reaches you, you can do all things. Mark 11vs 22-23 you will move mountains if you believe.
The anointing must not stop with you, you MUST allow it flow on Acts 1vs 8. You must be baptized in the Holy Spirit which will help the anointing flow through youActs 2vs 1-4 There is only one spirit not spirits. 1cor. 12vs 4 when the anointing reaches you, put it to work and you will be amazed at the results. Acts 3vs 1-8 *WHAT CAN STOP THE FLOW?*
1. Doubt Mark 11vs 23 You must not doubt.
2. Waivering James 1vs 5-8 Don’t waiver, believe he can use you. He can use anybody.
3. Sin Isaiah 59vs 1-2 Sin can stop the anointing from getting to you Hebrews 1vs 9 Be holy *How much of the anointing that will get to you will be determined by:*
1. Your Holiness and Your determination to hate what hates and love what God loves.
2. Stay under authority Luke 7vs 1-10
3. Prayers 1 thess. 5vs 17 Pray in the Holy spirit Rom. 8vs 26-28 *When the anointing comes to you do not abuse the gift; Do not commercialize the anointing. Acts 8vs 13-20* *If the anointing comes to you, make sure you use it for the glory of God, any gift unused will be withdrawn Matt.25vs 14-30, John 20vs 21*


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