“Yes I`m Famous, But in The wrong way” by Liberian Dance Hall Singer Canc Queen

Liberian Dance Hall Singer Canc Queen

How can we talk about someone that turns a new leaf without analysing the concept of a change therein? A change of character literally requires self-evaluation. It must be willingly to deeply evaluate oneself before a change can be guarantee. However, being remorseful is one of the process stages of a change, but remorseful alone doesn’t guarantee a change in the absence of total submission. The totality of surrender it is what is called Brokenness in Spirit, and the brokenness leads to repentant.  God doesn’t receive any sinner without brokenness. You ought to acknowledge your vulnerability and see the relevancy of God`s help in your life. This can be easily traceable to the story of the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32). You ought to be broken before you can see the merciful side of thy lord. King David understood the key of brokenness and hence, he obtained mercy. Apparently, people have a personal conviction in the secret place of brokenness.


The trendy news of the great transformation of the Liberian singer (Canc Queen) has become a relative message that links the benefit of self-evaluation for a transforming life, the transformed life of the singer is obviously traceable to herself aphorism that stated “Yes I`m famous, but in the wrong way”. Apparently, her huge change is an exhilaration moment for every believer. It is indeed a joyful applause as we have (believer) received such conversion of her notable personality. The story behind the transformation of Canc Queen goes beyond a mere saying, but revolves around the personal conviction that she encountered. You may wonder that how a dancehall singer could suddenly change her wrong way without the recognition or identification of a singlehandedly person that responsible for her changes. Until now, it is practically and realistically believable that most of spiritual changes are usually influencing by the Servant of God. But to have personal dealing for a change is an event that occurs in a blue moon.

Bible says in (John 8:32) “then you`ll know the truth and the truth shall set you free”. Haven’t you noticed that it`s one thing to know the truth, and another thing to walk in respect of the truth.  Canc Queen is a born believer which shows that she is born into the truth, but to walk in that truth was the struggling part that led her wrongly. She confirmed on one of her video shot on her YouTube Channel as follow, “each of those shows, before I got to performed I used to ask myself, God, is it what you want me to do? Though very show came out well, but I knew I was still doing the wrong thing”.


The above assertion shows that she has the trait of what should be rightfully done, but eventually blindfolded by the god of the world. Bible says in 2Corin. 4:4, “in whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them”.

 She was lustfully engaged in materialisms, and thus, wax stronger in sin. But thankfully to the ministration of Holy Spirit that instigated the perfect transformation of her life. Nobody could ever claim to be responsible for her transformation rather than the personal encountered that she experienced. She asserted that she began to remove her piercing in her body while she was worshipping and singing to God in an early morning, and that was the genesis of her transformation.  The completeness of her transformation was popularly revealed through the change of her dressing, and the unapologetically denouncement of the profession that is well known for. She asserted that, “I`m no longer your dancehall queen I reject it, I labour and struggled for that name and it was given to me, but that was not God`s plan for me, he rather laboured to set me free, I can just imagine how many times he has struggled for my attention”.

Glory be to God for her life and we pray that the transformation will be permanent. Amen

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