Youths Are Coming with fresh fire (Prophetic Note 2)

Youths Are Coming with fresh fire (Prophetic Note 2)

Early this Morning,
While my Morning Devotion was on.
I felt His hand on me and felt a Message in my heart for my Generation Next ministers again.
The Young Men of the Lord.
The Message was strong in my heart, but I told God I would write when I finish the Bible Portion I was reading.
By the time I was done reading, my eyes was heavy and I slept off.
Then I dreamt and saw myself in a big Conference where a program was going on,
And many people came there.
In the midst of the people,
I saw a young man in his early Thirties.
He has a loose old sandals on his dusty feet with an oversized loose shirt and a faint dirty trousers.
He had a big Bible under his armpit.
Walking about and laughing around the place.
Obviously, he was not normal.
He came to the big spiritual Conference, but he was not a normal person.
And every person was avoiding him. He seemed to have been well known for that misbehavior and abnormalities in big Christian conferences.
In that dream, I began to know more about him.
He was once a great Young Minister.
He was one of the very famous and highly spiritual Young ministers of recent past.

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He was so famous and Youths always troop to his programs and conferences.
He was full of His Word and Power of the Holy Spirit was on him.
Then something went wrong. He missed it somewhere.
He fell into an Error.
Pride took hold of him.
It became a GATE through which many other evil spirits invaded his soul and spirit.
Spiritual Pomposity!
Arrogance and Self Importance.
Then, more terrible spirit walked into his life and attacked his Moral life.
Strange ladies fell him down
And deflated his spiritual strength.
Then, the Anointing disappeared.
The Power leaked away.
When he called, no one answer again.
His glory departed.
And since then,
He had been roaming about big Conferences like that,
With his big Bible held tight under his armpit.
Laughing unnecessarily and smiling to no one in particular.
That was the dream I had this morning.

The Lord used the dream to give me the details of the Message He brought upon me for the Generation Next ministers.
The Young Ministers of God who are now rising up and stepping on stage.
The Young Ministers of God who are being raised by God from among the Youths of now!

This is the Word:
RUN! Run!
Run from PRIDE!.
Put on the Garment of Humility.
Clothe yourself with Robe of Meekness and Gentleness.
You have the Word of Christ in your mouth,
Pls, have the Mind and Spirit of Christ too.


I once came across some young ministers who were so disrespectful to elderly ministers.
They are so stubborn and arrogant.
They are so disrespectful to Elderly ministers of God and to the Fathers in faith.
It is impossible for such Young ministers to go far.
They will soon lose their steam.

I saw on Social Media,
Some Young Ministers, Youths, abusing our Fathers in faith, talking recklessly at them and laughing at them.
It is Impossible for such Young Ministers of God to go far.
They would soon lose their steam.

That you carry a Big Fire now is not a mistake, it is Biblical. You are to be bigger than your Fathers.
As Elisha carried a Bigger Fire than Elijah.
But Gehazi missed it all, who was to carry the Biggest Fire.
He followed without Connecting with Godly Virtues.
He came back home,
A Leprous man.

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Let all these Young Men of God who are Carrying Fire around,
Clothe themselves with Humility.
Let them seek Godly Virtues with all their getting.
Let them possess the Spirit of Christ with all their Possessions.
Let them respect the Fathers,
Who prayed them into this existence.
May the Lord be praised for ever.

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